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Our team would be happy to assist you with any further questions

Have any questions or concerns? 

We’re always ready to help!

Contact us:

WhatsApp +971558024978

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What kind Of Quality your Items?

All of our items come in the highest quality with original packaging and all its accessories.



What is your exchange policy?

Exchange possible for another items or sizes in first 3 days after your purchase contact our team in Whatsapp (Delivery fee for exchange 25 aed)

Make sure that it's same packaging as you received 


How I can check the quality of the shoes ?

You can always request a Real Photo or Video before purchasing

Can I open order front of delivery guy ?

Not Allowed open Parcel

How many days it will take for delivery in UAE ?

1-2 days

How to cancel the order ?

Direct inform us in any Chat in first 24 hours

How do I track my order?

Our Team in WhatsApp available 24 Hours 

What Are The Payment Options?

We Accept Cash for Delivery Company, payment by credit card and bank transfer

How much Delivery Fee in UAE?

30 aed

Do you Ship to Gulf Countries ?

Yes, we Deliver to All Gulf Countries its takes   3-5 days (Delivery fee 160 aed ) with Full Prepayment

What to type for Zip code line ?


Do You Ship Worldwide ?

Yes, we ship all over the world with full prepayment.

Please if you have any requirement feel free contact us Whatsapp 

Do you have Offline Shop ?

We work like online shop Only

When you are receiving New Collection?

Daily Updates

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